Garage Conversion ADU

An ADU, which stands for accessory dwelling unit, essentially serves as a secondary housing unit on any single unit residential lot. There many different types of ADU, which include basement conversion ADU, detached new construction ADU, addition ADU, ADU above garages, and garage conversion ADU.

When it comes to your garage, converting it into an accessory dwelling unit may just be the best possible decision for your home, particularly in terms of costs and convenience.

Since the garage—which will basically serve as the shell of your ADU—is already constructed, you cut back on certain construction costs. A garage converted to an ADU fits in seamlessly with the rest of your house, and is likely to already have power and water, which means you won’t have to go out of your way to set up lighting and plumbing in your ADU.

Garage conversion accessory dwelling units are a subtle way to incorporate an additional living space in your single-family housing unit—it’s likely that any outsiders may not even take note of the fact that it is one!

At Y.O.R. Construction, we can help make your dreams of converting your garage into an ADU come to fruition! Whether you need an extra living space to act as a room for guests, or to bring in some money by way of tenants, we can help you redesign and reconstruct your garage to suit your needs.

Exceptional Design and Construction Expertise

With Y.O.R. Construction, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the work that you’ll be getting. Our experts are well-versed in the field, and will collaborate with you to cater to your preferences during the course of the garage conversion project.

In order to deliver the kind of results our clients are looking for, our design and construction team coordinate with each other through each and every phase of the project. What’s more, there is a strict adherence to quality control for your garage conversion ADU in Los Angeles, with a detailed construction project that takes into account documentation, cost verification, and a project completion schedule that is realistic.

Our highly skilled ADU builders have years of construction experience and can expertly handle all our garage conversion services to your complete satisfaction.

If you’re looking to convert your garage into an accessory dwelling unit, give Y.O.R. Construction a call at 1-888-457-7746 and we can get started on your project!