Let’s begin with a simple question: what are some of the things you consider when you’re choosing a countertop? Typically, you’d say durability?

But is that it?

The fact is that countertops are commonly seen in bathrooms as well as in kitchens and we all know that requirements vary from place to place. Keeping this in mind, let’s look at some of the factors you need to consider when you are purchasing countertops:


This one’s obvious, right? Kitchen countertop is the place where you prepare your food whereas countertops in bathroom should be able to hold items.

Therefore, your requirements for countertops will vary as well. For example, the only requirement for countertop in bathroom is that it should be big enough to hold all items.

On the other hand, with kitchen, you need a countertop that’s durable since you’ll be slicing, pounding, and chopping food items over it.


Countertops made of marble and granite require extensive maintenance since they cannot be resealed. Slate is a durable countertop option. It is stain-resistant and less porous than granite or marble.

Some people have countertops made of steel and glass, which doesn’t need to be resealed but the problem with those, is that they too can be tough to clean. So make sure you consider these factors before choosing a countertop.

How Do They Look

A home is a reflection of the people within. Pay attention to the appearance of the countertop. Does it match your kitchen and bathroom requirements? Is it complementing the rest of the space?

It should fit right in with all your kitchen and bathroom fixtures.


We’ve already mentioned marble and granite, but these are not the only materials that are used for making countertops. Some people instead opt for countertops made of quartz. These types of countertops are available in different sizes and are easy to clean.

You can also go for tiles. This is a relatively cheaper option. Tiles are also much more durable than other materials.

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