We’re happy to inform you folks that Y.O.R. Construction is now extending its services to South Bay, Gardena to be exact!

Who are we? We’re a fully licensed and insured construction company who has extensive experience in the construction industry. Our company professionals are highly trained and have been working in the field for years, perfecting their skills along the way.

It’s no wonder we get to boast provision of the most reliable construction service in the region! We’re happy to be able to make our services available to you fine folk down in Gardena!

Professionalism and Versatility Guaranteed!

Our process begins with our clients and their vision. Once we’ve met with our clients and are clear on their needs, we begin working towards making their visions come to life.

We use the best methods and materials for the job and prioritize safety and structural integrity as much as we do aesthetic! Between our construction specialists, each an expert in their area and our highly skilled craftsman, we guarantee constructions which are beautiful yet sturdy.

Our team with their training and extensive experience as well as our knowledge of equipment and material ensures that we can see even the most demanding jobs through!

If it needs to be resized, renovated, refitted, redone, remodeled, repaired, repurposed or taken apart and built again from the ground up, we’ll do it and do it well!

List of Our Services for Gardena:

The services provided by Y.O.R. Construction in Gardena include:

  • Rooms: Additions, construction, resizing, remodeling, renovating
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms: Resizing, remodeling, construction, refitting, renovating
  • Stucco Finishes
  • Pool construction, renovation and remodeling
  • Roofing Solutions
  • Ground Up Construction
  • Garage and Attic: Repurposing and remodeling

Feel free to contact us at 1 888-457-7746 to find out more about the mentioned services as well as additional services we offer or to find out further details.