Located on the foothills of the gorgeous Santa Susana Mountains, Granada Hills is a town renowned for its beauty, hard-working people, and bright smiles! Now the friendly people of Granada Hills can rely on Y.O.R. Construction and Investments for reliable residential construction services as the company is proud to add this town to its service area!

A Dedicated Team of Professionals:

What separates the Y.O.R Construction team from every other construction service in America is that we have dedicated professionals for every home improvement project!

All our blueprints are drawn by renowned architects with years of experience under their belt. Our team of interior and exterior design experts ensures that artistic choices never compromise the practicality of the project. Lastly, we employ skilled craftspeople to see every project off to completion. This allows us to guarantee that every project is as visually stunning as possible and is always completed on time!

You Have Full Creative Control:

Our clients love our services because we give them complete creative control over every home improvement project. From the layout to the interior design choices, our customers make every stylistic decision. This is one of the main reasons why our customers are always impressed with the end product, and why we enjoy unmatched levels of customer satisfaction!

Services for the Residents of Granada Hills:

Y.O.R. Construction and Investments’ wide range of services for the residents of Granada Hills include:

  • Garage Conversion to ADUs
  • Stucco Finishes
  • Small-scale and Large-scale House Remodeling
  • Kitchen Services (Renovations and Remodels, etc.)
  • Pool Services (Installation, Expansion, and Design etc.)
  • Bathroom Services (Redesigns and Remodels, etc.)
  • Additions of New Rooms
  • Multiple Roofing Solutions
  • Patio and Deck Services (Enclosures, Roofing, and Repairs etc.)
  • Custom Home Building

If you ever require any of the above-mentioned services, make sure to reach out to us by giving us a call at 1 888-457-7746.