Best known as the home of the revolutionary space exploration company, SpaceX, the city of Hawthorne is a busy city in the state of California. Now the City of Good Neighbors can rely on Y.O.R Construction and Investments for all their residential construction needs, as we’re proud to add this gorgeous city to our service area!

A Dedicated Team of Specialists:

At Y.O.R Construction and Investments, we have a habit of always exceeding our clients’ expectations. This is because we rely on specialists for every home improvement project. Our team includes creative architects with years of experience in the industry, interior and exterior design experts that can significantly enhance the aesthetics of any room, and gifted craftspeople that possess unparalleled skill. All of these factors combine to make our projects extremely efficient and visually stunning!

Complete Transparency on Every Project:

What separates the Y.O.R Construction team from every other construction company in America is that we always keep open communication channels with our customers. Doesn’t matter whether the project is in the planning phase or if we’re applying the final finishing touches on it, our customers are always well aware of the progress of the project. Not only does this give them peace of mind, but it also adds an element of trust and goodwill in our relationship with our clients. It’s because of these reasons that we boast unmatched levels of customer satisfaction!

List of Services for Hawthorne, California:

The services provided by Y.O.R. Construction in Hawthorne, California include:

  • Room Additions
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels (both major and minor)
  • Pool Expansions and Installations
  • Patio Enclosures and Repairs
  • Deck Repairs, Remodeling and Construction
  • Pavement Repairs
  • Stucco Work
  • Total House Remodeling
  • Converting Garages to Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Feel free to contact us at 1 888-457-7746 for more detailed information about the construction services we offer.