Located in the heart of the Los Angeles County, the neighborhood of Northridge is undoubtedly the hub of education in California. As such, Y.O.R. Construction and Investments is proud to add this great district to our service area!

What Makes Us Different

At Y.O.R. Construction and Investments, understanding the needs and requirements of our clients is our top priority. This is why, as soon as we’re hired for a project, we have an initial meeting with our customers. The Y.O.R Construction team meets listens to the needs of its clients and goes out of its way to accurately bring their vision to life.

The clients’ requirements are passed over to our team of architects who make designs custom-tailored to their needs. They’re able to ensure that personalized demands are met without compromising on practicality of the project.

Secondly, we get interior and exterior design specialists involved who work hard to ensure there are no clashes of styles. Lastly, a team of skilled craftspeople expertly and efficiently sees the project off to completion.

It’s because of these reasons that our clients love our designs. Over the years, we’ve become synonymous with professionalism in the great state of California which tells you all you need to know about our premium quality construction services!

Our List of Services for Northridge:

The services provided by Y.O.R. Construction and Investments in Northridge include:

  • Garage Conversion to Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs)
  • Numerous Roof Solutions
  • Room Services (Addition and Resizing, etc.)
  • Deck Services (Repairs, Remodeling and Construction, etc.)
  • Major and Minor Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels
  • Pool Additions and Renovations
  • Patios Additions and Enclosures
  • Stucco Finishes
  • Full House Remodeling

For the above mentioned home improvement projects or for more detailed information on the services we offer, feel free to contact us at 1 888-457-7746!