The seaside city of Oxnard is best known for its easy-going atmosphere and incredible beach park. Y.O.R. Construction and Investments wants to enhance aesthetics of this beautiful city which is why we’re proud to add the city of Oxnard to our service area. Now residents of the city can count on us for their renovation and construction needs!

A Team of Specialists:

Instead of relying solely on craftspeople, we make sure to employ a diverse team of individuals that can see any project off to completion.

Our team of professionals for every project include the likes of experienced architects (that come up with practical and efficient designs), interior and exterior design specialists (that ensure the project looks great), and skilled craftspeople (who can expertly execute the project). Contributions from members of this diverse team allow us to produce designs that are as efficient as they’re easy on the eye!

You Have Complete Creative Control:

What separates the Y.O.R. Construction team from every other construction service in America is that we hand over the creative reins to our clients! From the layout of the initial design to the materials used for the project, our customers make every decision. Not only does this ensure customer satisfaction, but also helps us to bring their vision to life more accurately!

Services for the Residents of Oxnard:

Y.O.R. Construction and Investments’ wide range of services for the residents of Oxnard include:

  • Pool Services (Additions, and Renovations, etc.)
  • Stucco Finishes
  • Complete and Partial House Remodeling
  • Additions of New Rooms
  • Kitchen Services (Renovations and Remodels, etc.)
  • Garage Conversion to ADUs
  • Multiple Roofing Solutions
  • Bathroom Services (Redesigns and Remodels, etc.)
  • Patio and Deck Services (Enclosures, Roofing, and Repairs etc.)

For the above-mentioned services (or any other home improvement project), make sure to give us a call at 1 888-457-7746. We promise not to disappoint!