We can all agree when compared to other parts of our house, roofs don’t get as much love. This is somewhat strange when you think about it because the roof is actually the most important part of a building’s structure.

It basically acts as a barrier against weather elements and helps regulate the temperature in your home. Even a small problem with the roof can result in an increase in the moisture level in your home and subsequently lead to a mold infestation.

This is why it’s important that you seek services of professional roofers and ensure that the roof is well maintained. Furthermore, it’s also important that you avoid the following roofing mistakes:

Not Replacing the Shingles

Shingles are a roofing accessory, which makes your roof look aesthetically appealing. However, over time they wear out and get damaged after which you have no choice but to get them replaced.

This brings us to the first mistake that homeowners make. They assume that shingles can last for a long time and hence they avoid replacing them. What they instead do is cover the old shingles.

The problem is that doing so makes it easier for dirt and moisture to accumulate in the space between the shingles. This results in shingles wearing down quickly and getting damaged. It will also mean that in the long run, you may be spending even more money on shingles or roof replacement.

Lack of Proper Moisture Protection

Shingles are effective at keeping out moisture from your home but you still need to have proper moisture protection. The barrier doesn’t just protect the roof from rain; it also protects the roof from ice and snow.

Lack of Proper Ventilation

Homeowners often don’t realize the importance of proper ventilation. The reason why it’s so important is because without proper ventilation heat can build up on the roof and affect its ability to retain moisture.

Flashings Are Not Properly Installed

Like shingles, flashings too protect your roof from water and snow. If they are not properly installed, it can result in water entering your home.

Moreover, flashings too need to be replaced after some time because they wear down after some time.

Incorrect Nail Placement

All you really need to know about this one is that the integrity of any structure depends on the placement of the nail. Therefore, you need to make sure that the nails are not exposed to sunlight or moisture since that can cause them damage.


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