Tired of how your bathroom looks and think it’s time for a change? Maybe it’s time for a bathroom remodel. Looking for some design inspirations? Let’s take a look at some of these:

Go For a Minimalist Look

Another way you can make your bathroom stand out is by going for a minimalist look. Today, less is more. The aim is to create a clean space with a completely “uncluttered” look. Get rid of the unnecessary accessories. Add cabinets to stow your toiletries. The best part about this look? It’s simple, sleek and never goes out of style.

Wooden Items

Want to make your bathroom look warm? Adding wooden elements can do the trick. These make you bathroom look cozy, comfortable, and stylish, all at the same time. You can incorporate wood with bathroom fixtures and give your bathroom a modern touch.

Incorporate Natural Stones

What makes natural stones such a great option is the fact that they are available in multiple designs and colors. This gives you plenty of options to work with.

They give your bathroom a natural look and can be incorporated with other bathroom accessories as well. In addition to that, they’re also easy to install and inexpensive.

Free Standing Tubs

Who says bathtubs just need to be functional? You could get freestanding tubs; these enhance the appearance of your bathroom.

There are multiple designs that you can choose from. There is the traditional claw foot tub, marble statement piece and several other design options.

The Water Space

You don’t have to keep the bathroom and tub in separate places. As a matter of fact, you can place both in a space referred to as ‘the water space’. All you really need is a shower, glass barrier and tub and you are good to go.

It’s a classic minimalist design that gives your bathroom a luxurious, spacious and modern look.


Simply changing the tile can do wonders for your bathroom. You could go for some geometrical designs to add dimension; you could stick with wood design tiles for a warmer look—again, you’ve got a lot of options to work with.

Don’t just stick with one design. Create sections. Select complementing tile designs for each.

Increase Space in Bathroom

Homeowners like to feel comfortable in their homes and that’s not really possible when you don’t have enough space available in the bathroom. Add cabinets. If you have plenty, all overflowing with toiletries, use the space under your sink, if possible. Also, declutter!

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