The kitchen is perhaps the most important part of the house. It’s where your meals are prepared and where all family members come together to eat.

It’s also one part of the house that sees the most frequent changes in terms of design trends. A cabinet that’s trendy today may not be so the next year.

Let’s take a brief look at what the 2019 has in store for kitchen designs:

Colorful Kitchen

A minimalist look when it comes to kitchen décor has always been the first choice for homeowners. Especially in homes that have larger kitchens, two-tone color décor can still come off as luxurious and elegant. But all that is expected to change.

Most homeowners are now exploring new color combinations and design trends that make their kitchens more vibrant. The idea is to brighten up the space and we all know the impact that colors can have an on homeowner’s psychology.

No More Kitchen Cabinet Handles

2018 has all been about de-cluttering kitchens to make them more feel more spacious and less complicated. This meant bad news for cabinet door handles.

Many are now opting for cabinets without door handles. While small knobs are still acceptable, many prefer small indents at the bottom of cabinet doors.

Countertops Made Of Quartz

Quartz is an ideal material for kitchens because it’s both durable as well as easy to maintain. It’s also aesthetically appealing, which means it goes with most types of kitchen décor.

Open Shelves

Although these have been around for quite some time, 2019 will be the year when open shelves will finally get the recognition that they truly deserve. Give these a shot. They can completely alter the appearance of your kitchen.


Subway tiles have been the go to option for most homeowners. These are easy to maintain and don’t require much thought or planning. But they’re also boring.

Since 2019 is all about colors, Spanish and Moroccan style tiles are expected to take over kitchen floors. These tiles offer plenty of options in terms of style, color and patterns.

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