Research has shown that every year, there are about 10,000 earthquakes in South California. Not all of these are noticeable; that doesn’t mean they don’t cause damage.

This is the reason why the residents of the state make sure that their home is retrofitted. It’s a smart thing to do after all the last thing you want is structural damage to your home. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why seismic retrofitting is a good option:

Strengthen the Structure

It Helps Protect Your Belongings

There are several ways in which seismic retrofitting can help ensure that your belongings stay safe. They fasten bookcases and cabinets to the walls so that they stay put in case of an earthquake.

In addition to that, they also fasten the drawers with dead bolts in order to prevent them from opening.

The team at Y.O.R construction also adds protective film on glass in your homes. This prevents the glass from shattering and causing physical injuries.

Some Additional Ways in Which You Can Prevent Damage

There are several additional ways in which construction companies can reduce damage during earthquakes. They brace the shelves in such a way that they are properly secured to the floor and this prevents it from shaking.

They can also move items like boilers and heaters in the lower part of your house and use hangers in order to provide support to plumbing as well as mechanical systems.

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