Let’s admit it, we all have dreamt about living in a home with a swimming pool at some point in our lives. After all, what’s better than taking a dip in the pool on a hot summer day?

The thing about swimming pools is that their designs keep on changing with each passing year. Let’s take a look at some of the trends that are going to be all the rage in the year 2019:

Sun Shelf

This feature has been commonly seen in commercial pools and we think it’s high time that it’s included in residential settings as well.

This design consists of a wide ledge that is around a foot deep. The whole point of the design is to accommodate upright seating and shallow sunbathing.

You can also ask the pool builder to install a sun shelf rim around the pool. This creates a submerged pool deck that can be used for relaxation purposes.

Dark Finish

Want your pool to have a dark and natural vibe? Dark finishes are what you need. It’s a unique and edgy look and it makes your pool look like a lake or the ocean.

Swim-Up Bar

It’s actually a small kitchen that is located near the pool. Its sides are part counter top and part ledge.

All you need is to do is place seats near the pool where guests can sit back and enjoy food and drinks.

A Single Depth Pool

Enjoy swimming and other water sports? Well then, this is the design you should go for. The best part about single depth pools is that they have a unique look and fit really well with modern architecture.

Fire Pit

For years now, fire pits have been associated with warmth and camping. They provide a sense of warmth and are great for helping create stronger bonds between friends and family members.

This might sound surprising to some but you can actually install a fire pit near your pool as well. It can create a unique aesthetic by bringing both elements (fire and water) together.

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